Shower Break… Covering “his” ass!

Not literally, of course, what fun would that be for me?  I like his ass and encourage him to “hang it out there” for my amusement at all times. However, the “smelliness of dedication to the blogathon” is starting to get to me. 

Hence, I am covering Les’s shower time with an entry of “mine own” on his site during blogathon.  Do I have anything relevant or witty to add?  No, unfortunately not, just being married to the wonder that is our STUPIDEVILBASTARD does not endow me with his wit, his humor or his wisdom. 

I will be a “spotty” participant at best today.  I can not afford the time to “keep up” with all the dedicated bloggers (including my husband) today.  I have homework (grimace) to complete and grocery shopping to do this weekend.  Oh yes, we must not forget the laundry and dishes and well, you pretty much get the point.  While my favorite funky evil dude blogs for charity relentlessly today; I’m keeping the normal routine.  Which means supplying clean clothes to wear; clean dishes to eat upon; food to put on those clean dishes and study time in for Moi!  I do dedicate a lot of my time to studying.  I am a little, well, anal?  Yes, I think that’s a good description… I am anal about education and most specifically my grades. 

Does it have anything to do with being an X- public school teacher?  Does it have anything to do with practicing what I preach at my teenager?  Does it have anything to do with a desire to gain positive attention from getting a 4.0?  Does it have anything to do with self-image and self-definition (I have always been proud of my nerd capabilities?  I wasn’t half bad as the teacher either)?  Does it have anything to do with my overwhelming desire to find a purpose?  To find something to do in life that I enjoy and feel I’m competent in performance.  Or my desire to raise our standard of living by adding to our monthly income?  Does it have anything to do with my longing to own our own home?  One with two full bathrooms and three bedrooms? 

YES to all of the above!

Im such a selfish little snit!  Hhhmmmm҅. Stupid Evil Bastard is married to Selfish Little Snit.  Yes, that sounds about right!  LOL!  GOOD LUCK ALL!

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