Reader mail from a concerned fan.

OK, time to respond to some reader mail. I present this small missive to you as I received it in all it’s glory and then I will respond to it in a fashion consistent with it’s audience.

dude!!!are u can u b athiest and have dead god as an e-mail if being athiest means no god (which has been proven)than he can’t be dead so u r unsure of athiest me with response defending ur side i will debate but 4 fun asap so i will not critisize u just wander about ur beleifs so respond to vic 13 but i am smart so be prepared

dude!!!im not dumb.ur just confuzd about my leet email handl ov deadgod iznt cauz im atheist.itz cauz im a god whoz lost his worshippers.a god widout dudez dat worship him iz a god widout any leet powerz!!1!!;like dat dude Zeuz.get it?!?!!1!!!Zeuz iz dead cauz he dont gotz no dudez prayin’ ta him.i dont gotz no dudez prayin’ ta me so dat makez me a dead god too!peace bro’!

5 thoughts on “Reader mail from a concerned fan.

  1. dude!! i can’t belive u respond to dat kind of shiot. this dude iz so messed up man. i can’t take idiots like dis for real at all dude.

  2. h0ly sh1zn1t dude!!!hez g0t a p01nt!!!u r dumb cause u say u r n athiest but use the handl deadg0d. he am smarter than u!!!

  3. itz cool bro!he jutz wantz ta skool me in da ritejuz wayz.hez jutz confuzd.

    Wow, my spell checker really hates this shit. grin

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