Pat Robertson for president!

Don’t worry I would never endorse that asshole, but the old rascal is back up to his holy hijinks:

Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson urged his nationwide audience Monday to pray for God to remove three justices from the Supreme Court so they could be replaced by conservatives

That in and of itself is no big deal, I can understand him wanting to stock the Supreme Court with Conservatives especially after it voted to decriminalize sodomy. Christ first the blacks, then the women, and now the gays? At this rate we wont have anybody left to discriminate against if the court remains “Liberal”


Oh, the part that I found interesting…and somewhat sinister (especially for a christian)

“One justice is 83-years-old, another has cancer and another has a heart condition. Would it not be possible for God to put it in the minds of these three judges that the time has come to retire?”

Hmmm, sounds more like he is holding a prayer vigil to hasten their deaths, or maybe god is not up to the task of “putting it in the minds” of healthy justices that they should retire. Since I am no longer shocked or even surprised by the black-magic hoodoo-voodoo mumbo-jumbo that passes for fundamentalism these days I will say a little atheist prayer that Pat Robertson and his ilk enjoy a protracted bout with a nice flesh eating bacteria.

Something like that could actually make me believe in a just god.

8 thoughts on “Pat Robertson for president!

  1. Would it not be possible for God to put in the teeny weeny mind of Bush the thought to start eating more pretzels?

  2. This was no surprise to me.  Working clinic defense at our local abortion clinic, I have frequently witnessed “imprecatory prayer” sessions.  All Christians present, and we have had large numbers at various times, kneel together and pray to their God to kill ……, (whoever has been chose for that day’s death prayer).  They explain to God that they’ve tried over and over to bring the word of Jesus to said person’s heart, to no avail, so please kill her.  I will post the “Hi, God, it’s me Pat Robertson” prayer that was printed in the Miami Herald.

  3. We know Robertson developed prostate cancer (possibly encouraged by constantly awarding his followers a reach around while denying himself expulsion) so, upon having his prostate removed, why does he insist on exciting the fertile womb of our collective society? His prick has proved what his mind should accept; he has inadequate seed to germinate a healthy idea.

  4. While I don’t doubt for a moment that Bats Pukecannon believes that the tooth fairy, sorry, “God” actually answers prayers, I think he may be cynically hedging his bet on a dead cert here. I mean, it’s only a matter of time before these old guys ‘n’ gals actually do retire/pop their clogs, and when they do… praise the lard, the power of prayer!

    It’s win-win.

  5. Whoops, got my Bats mixed up there.. I mean Robertson of course. Damn it was a good joke too…

  6. if i could say something to Pat Robertson i would say…You and your ideas make me sad to be human. I cannot believe that people are so incapable of being accepting even tolerant of other religions and ideas. personally i think people like you give your religion a bad name. i am a hindu and i have read comments you have made about my religion. i refuse to even dignify your obviously intelligence-lacking claims with a rebuttal. one day i hope all this religion bashing catches up to you, you must realize there are other humans in this world, with ideas different from yours, and before you denounce anything else, do your research, make sure you know what you are talking about.

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