Out, out damn spam!

I don’t know how I got on so many spam mailing lists but I was getting between 30 to 40 spam mails a day, sometimes more on weekends. I will share with those of you in the same boat (and using MS Outlook Express) a very simple fix that will move that crap into your trash before you have to even look at it (and yes, I know this is remedial for some of you):

You are probably aware of the Block Sender… menu item under the Message drop down which simply adds the offending mailers address to a list blocking that specific mailer from bothering you again. If you use it and see very little reduction in the amount of spam you are receiving it is because spammers are a wiley breed usually changing their addresses every time they spam you, so why bother? See the following examples of two e-mails that were sent to me today:



As you can see the “person” sending these is just using a string of random letters as their “name” and since there is an almost infinite combination of random letters and numbers it would seem to be pointless to block every individual e-mail, I mean all they have to do is generate another random string and you are back where you started from. Not necessarily…Try the following.

1) Open MS Outlook express and find a spam.
2) Click once on it to highlight it.
3) Go to the Message drop down and choose Block Sender… from the list.
4) Outlook Express will pop up a window telling you that the address has been added to the blocked senders list and future e-mails will be blocked blah, blah, blah…click Yes.
5) Another window will pop up telling you that the e-mail has been deleted so just click Ok.
6) Now go to the Tools drop down and select Message Rules >Blocked Senders List…

Now here is where you are going need to make some decisions, if the email is from someone@dealbusters.com you can be pretty sure that your sister from Scranton won’t be sending you any e-mail from that domain, chances are nobody but spammers use it. If the e-mail address is from someone@aol.com you may want to leave it alone because real people do use AOL not just spammers. If you decide that you want to block EVERYONE sending you email from a particular domain then read on – otherwise there is not much more I can do to help you so you can close the blocked senders list by clicking on Cancel.

7) Find the e-mail you just added (it will be at the bottom of the list or if you have never used this tool it will be at the top wink ), highlight it an click Modify.
8) Highlight everything in the first half of the address up to and including the (at) @ (ex: in the case of lbcgogoqnv@sawcingb.com highlight the lbcgogoqnv@ portion of it).
9) hit your Delete key.
10) Click Ok to accept your changes, then click Ok to close out of the blocked senders list.

This will keep every spam coming from a particular domain from reaching your inbox (but your trash will fill up quickly). Unfortunately vile spammers are always looking for new ways to annoy you so they will constantly be changing their domains, names, and methods of intrusion, but while this is not a perfect fix it will help.

Yesterday I had 35 massages blocked while 4 snuck through versus the day before (yeah so I just got around to managing my BSL) when I had 11 blocked and 27 sneak through. Of course I also have over 100 entries on the list.

I hope this ends up helping someone out there, if just one domain that traffics in spam can be blocked from one persons computer I will have made a difference.

2 thoughts on “Out, out damn spam!

  1. Thank goodness for SpamAssassin. That saves me from most of mine. I get close to 100 every day, and I don’t want to give up my address, you know?

    Stupid spammers.

  2. I’ve got Spam Assassin on my blog account, but my broadband provider doesn’t use it. Wish they did as it’s great.

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