Next year I need to find a Game-a-thon.

This wouldn’t be so hard if I could keep my brain engaged, but the time limit on entries means you can’t spend too much time writing about one thing so you have to think of something else later. Meanwhile you sit around between entries trying to think of what the next thing you’re gonna write will be. If I were gaming this wouldn’t be so bad. In my youth it wasn’t unusual to get so wrapped up in a video game that the next thing I knew it was 6AM and the birds were chirpin’. I can remember the time that Bill and I sat up all night playing Stellar Conquest on his C-64 despite the fact that he had to work that morning. I went home and collapsed, he went in to work. I had tried to leave sooner, but he was determined to finish the game.

Worse, however, was the time we were all playing on Hero Mud and Rob and I both were down to the last quest before making Wizard on the MUD. It was a new quest they had just put in and we were the first couple of people to be working on it. I hadn’t really intended it to happen this way, but we got into a bit of a competition to see who could solve it first and we were both up for 36 hours straight until we solved it. I figured it out first. It never occurred to me to sleep because my brain was so busy working on the problem I was trying to solve that it never had time to get tired. Looking back on it now I realize I was nuts, but it wasn’t a big deal at the time.

So if I’d been able to play a video game all night it’s clear I wouldn’t be struggling to make it these last couple of entries. So I just need to find a Game-a-thon next year and I’ll be awesome and women will throw themselves at me and men will fear me. Yeah, that’s the ticket…

5 thoughts on “Next year I need to find a Game-a-thon.

  1. Les, you done good, babe. smile You hung in there and kicked some ass, and raised a very respectable sum for your charity while you were at it. Nice job!


    And in just a little bit, you finally get to REST! smile

  2. I plan to go straight past deep sleep and hit coma level of unconsciousness very soon…. :sleepy:

  3. There is a don’t disturb The Bastard sign on our bedroom door at the moment:-)  I’m even in the living-room on the laptop.  Unfortunately the Bastard didn’t install WORD on it and I can’t find the version for Win 98 (the XP of Office won’t load… I just need WORD to complete my homework tasks before study group at 1pm this afternoon.  Arg!  I wonder if I can sneak into the bedroom without disturbing my comatose Bastard for about an hour while completing those tasks:-(  I don’t want to disturb, but I need WORD!  AHHHH….  Of course, if I turn off the sound, maybe he’ll be comatose enough to NOT be disturbed:-)

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