Newly discovered Windows flaw could lead to new worm attack.

According to an article titled Hacker code could unleash Windows worm | CNET some Chinese hackers have put out info on a pretty serious Windows exploit that could grant full control of your machine to someone making use of the exploit over the Internet. Initially this exploit would only work on 3 versions of Windows, but has since been improved so that it’ll work on 7 different versions including Windows 2000 Service Pack 0 to Service Pack 4 and Windows XP Service Pack 0 and Service Pack 1.

“An exploit (program) like this is very easy to turn into a worm,” said Marc Maiffret, chief hacking officer for network protection firm eEye Digital Security. “I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a worm sooner rather than later.”

While many security researchers believe the publication of such information can encourage security personnel in businesses to patch holes faster, the release of exploit code has typically preceded the largest worm attacks of the past few years.

Maiffret and other security researchers worried that next week’s Defcon hacker conference in Las Vegas will act as a catalyst and spur a malicious hacker to create and release such a worm.

No word yet on if Microsoft has a patch ready, but you can bet they’re working on it if they don’t already have one. Keep your eye’s peeled and make sure you hit Windows Update to patch your system as soon as it’s available. This one sounds nasty.

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