New version of Zempt now available.

UPDATED UPDATE: The one bad thing about using a blogging tool like Zempt to make your entries is that you lose the ability to use the “bookmarklet” feature that MovableType makes available. Imagine how pleasantly surprised I was to learn that the folks behind Zempt have come up with a Zempt This bookmarklet to replicate the same functionality with their tool! grin

UPDATE: Minor bug fix for folks having trouble getting Zempt to work with their proxy. If you’re not having a problem you probably don’t need to upgrade, but if you can’t get it to use a proxy properly then go grab V0.31.

Now for a bit of good news: Version 0.3 of Zempt is now available for download. Zempt is a nifty little blogger tool specifically written for MovableType users and the new version adds in all sorts of new goodies:

  • Offline operation.
    You can now use Zempt when you aren’t connected to the Internet. Create your posts offline and post them later.
  • Spell check
    Check spelling on your entires on demand or every time you publish. Dictionaries are available in dozens of languages or you can create your own.
  • Post editing
    Download previously-posted entries and edit them in Zempt.
  • Winamp and Windows Media Player plug-ins
    Insert the songs you are listening to into your blog entries.
  • Easy account management
    Now running blogs on multiple servers is easier. No need to log in and out of Zempt.
  • Default post options
    Tell Zempt what text filters, categories, and ping ids and comment statuses you want to use by default.
  • Customizable editor interface
    Hide and show fields to make Zempt work how you work. Have multiple blogs? Each blog remembers which fields you want to use.
  • Proxy server support
    Connect from behind your firewall using HTTP or SOCKS proxy servers

I’ve only had a chance to play with it a little bit, but I’m loving it so far. I’ll probably end up using it full time. Check it out.

2 thoughts on “New version of Zempt now available.

  1. You always have the good stuff, thanks for the link. When wbloggar adds this offline feature, life will be really good.

  2. I believe the current version of wbloggar can be used offline. That’s what I set my mother up with for her blog a couple of weeks back because she has dialup and Zempt was online only at the time. I think she’d find Zempt easier to use, though, so now that it’ll work off-line I’ll probably switch her over next time I visit.

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