My small claim to fame as an anime voice actor.

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In the past I’ve talked about how I used to be heavily into anime, manga and any collectibles related to them and that before I ran this blog I used to run a couple of websites devoted to these topics. One was called and it was a link directory similar in concept to Yahoo that grew out of the original site which was called The Casual Otaku. TCO started off as a page listing places around the Detroit area you could go to buy anime related merchandise and grew into a news and reviews website that I maintained with the help of Hairboy, Eric and The Minx. All of whom, you’ll note, still hang out with me here at SEB on a regular basis. Eric’s main contribution the drawings of Hairboy and I as anime characters, such as the one to the right here that was on our splash page, along with the occasional review of a title he had seen with us. Minx contributed mainly by pointing out every single spelling and grammar mistake I ever made in any item I ever published on the site, which I harass her about to this day even though I appreciated it more than she might realize, along with the occasional review of something she had seen with us.

We were far from a professional news source and we never claimed to be anything more than a couple of fans with too much time on their hands spending it watching anime and then writing about it. We did this for about five years total before it ran out of steam and we even made a little bit of money off of it. Cooler still, though, was the number of people inside the industry that I got to meet through it mainly by attending various anime conventions and arguing endlessly in various anime related newsgroups. I caught the attention of various people in the industry mainly because for a long time I was one of the few people at the time who would publicly admit to enjoying and preferring dubbed anime over subbed, which is just this side of utter blasphemy in anime fandom even to this day. So I got into a lot of conventions for free as a member of the “press” and through a series of events involving the first fan mail I ever wrote any actor ever I ended up coming to be friends with several voice actors working in anime and the owner/operator of one of the more popular ADR studios out of North Carolina, Scott Houle of Coastal Carolina Studios.

A bad, bad man.Scott had been inviting me to come down and see the studio for years and so it came to pass that one of the last conventions it would turn out I would ever attend was located just a couple of hours away from Wilmington, North Carolina which CCS called home. My good friend Michael Brady, who’s a real voice actor,  agreed to put me up for a night after the convention ended so I could visit CCS and see what it was like to make a dubbed anime first hand. I never expected for my voice to actually end up in the final product as this was just something Scott was doing so I could come home and write a big article about what being a voice actor is like. Besides, I had come down with a cold just prior to the convention and I sounded like total shit so I figured there was no way they’d use anything I did, right? Well, it turns out the title they were just starting to dub was called Kite and there was a small part in this anime for someone who sounded really sleazy. The role? A purported child molester who is shot and killed with exploding bullets. Scott thought my voice just might be perfect for it. So I gave it a shot and they loved it so much they put it into the final product and I got a spot in the credits as “Molester: Les Jenkins.”

The anime itself is very violent and very liberal with the swear words. It’s definitely not a something you’d want your kids to watch. Wanna see my big scene? OK, just click here. If anyone’s interested then perhaps I’ll go into detail about what was involved in making the dub later on.

10 thoughts on “My small claim to fame as an anime voice actor.

  1. *laughing*  Les, you forgot to mention that I also contributed by being a total snobby bitch about dubbed anime.  wink

  2. Well, yeah, but then so was Hairboy. That’s why you guys got the subbed stuff to watch and Eric and I stuck to the dubbed stuff. Worked pretty well all things considered. Two sides to every review.

  3. Here are some more possible topics for discussion throughout the night.

    What makes Anime so appealing to you?
    Are there different types and which is your favorite?
    Whom is your favorite Anime character and why?
    Which two Anime titles are your favorites and why?
    Why do you think more die hard fans are subbers instead of dubbers?  Name the pros and cons of both subs and dubs.

  4. I always wanted to be an actress. Actually I have a great movie stuck in my head. Another Batman movie (oh joy) but this one involves the lovely yet wacky Harley Quinn. I want a batman movie with Harley…she was like cool. Anyway if it ever happens I have so got to try out for the part of H. Q. everyone here thinks I would be perfect for it. Bwahahaha *smirk*

  5. The movie clip I had on here was truncated and missing the ending of the scene where my character dies from the exploding bullet. Seeing as I get two grunts and a death grunt during that scene I tracked down the original and have reuploaded it to restore it to its full length.

  6. I’m actually surprised this entry didn’t get more comments.

    Yeah and such a great death scene. wink

  7. Damn, you’re pretty rad for an old geezer wink A child molester is a dirty role, but someone’s got to do it . It’s a shame you couldn’t/didn’t go further in that profession.

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