Morning comes for the Blogathoner.

The alarm clock goes off at 8:30AM and he can only think to himself, “Finally! About damned time.” He hasn’t slept well after getting to bed later than he had planned to. Instead of diving into a deep sleep our intrepred hero wakes ever hour on the half-hour wondering if he slept through the alarm and glancing bleary eyed at the clock across the room only to realize he still has four or three or two hours left before he has to get up if he plans on starting on time.

Now the alarm clock has finally gone off and he sits up and scratches all the familiar places in his standard daily routine. His body isn’t happy. It’s internal clock is saying to him, “What the fuck are you doing up this early on a Saturday?! Look, we’ve been counting and we’ve gotten up early 5 times already this week. This is supposed to be the day we lay around for an extra few hours to make up for faithfully getting out of bed every day when we were supposed to. YOU’RE BREAKING THE DEAL!” Concerned that his body is about to rebel on him and pass back out into unconciousness, our hero simply mutters that it’s “for a good cause” and commands his legs into lifting his heavy frame and moving it toward the bathroom.

Whoever the idiot was that decided the bathroom was a good place to put mirrors must have been one beautiful person who’s eyesite was bad enough in the morning that they never had to deal with the “Medusa Factor” that most normal humans have to deal with when they walk into the bathroom first thing in the morning and see something out of Greek mythology blinking back at them from the opposite wall. Our hero has long since gotten used to the scary visiage staring back at him from across the bathroom. “That is one more good thing about shaving your head bald, ” he thinks to himself as he blinks at the image in the mirror, “You don’t look quite so scary in the morning when you don’t have any hair for the pillow to mess up during the night.”

4 thoughts on “Morning comes for the Blogathoner.

  1. I am completely with you on the Saturday rebellion.  I got up just in time.


    Pity the poor bastiches for whom it is still verrrry dark.

  2. You look almost as tired as I do!  *hehe*  I’m not brave enough to show everyone, though.  LOL

    Good Morning! smile

  3. Morning Leigh! I’m scrambling to keep up! I hope to visit some other blogs as the day goes on and steal some ideassee what they’re up to.

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