More goofing off.

What is it about a nice, long, three day weekend that ensures I’m probably not going to do much blogging? It’s not like I’ve been away from the house or outside enjoying the weather (been a bit too muggy to really enjoy it), so why can’t I come up with anything to blog about? This doesn’t bode well for participating in the Blogathon that’s for sure. grin

Well, we did spend part of Friday hanging out with my sister-in-Law and her husband. We took them out to lunch as a belated B’Day gift for her as we weren’t able to catch up with her on the day in question. Originally we were going to the local Country Buffet as they are fond of that restaurant, but when we pulled into the parking lot we were surprised to see they had pulled up roots and left. The place was cleared out and the sign was gone and I’m sure it was there the last time I stopped by that strip mall less than a week earlier. According to a worker from the store next door it was a surprise to the folks at CB as well as they were told to close up shop and the place was cleared out within a day of shutting down. The printed sign on the door invited folks to go to their location in Westland.

Well, we don’t have a cell phone and my sister-in-law doesn’t have a cell phone so we had no way to reach them and let them know what had happened. Turns out they had just left the parking lot as we had pulled in so we sat there for 10 minutes waiting for them while a very nasty thunderstorm started to blow in and stir up havoc before heading home to find an answering machine message from them saying they’d gone on to the Westland location. So we trekked back out to the car as the storm was starting to wind down and headed out to Westland. When we got to the intersection for the road that particular CB was on the traffic lights were out and I had a bad feeling that things were going to get worse. We get there and they’re standing outside waiting for us because this location has lost power due to a transformer in the area being struck by lightening from the short, but nasty storm that just rolled through. In fact, it had struck when my sister-in-law was on the pay-phone leaving the message for us. So the restaurant was shut down due to lack of power. In the end we took them to Red Robin instead, which was cool because I think it’s a slightly nicer place to eat while still being pretty affordable. After lunch (which by then had moved well into the afternoon) they came back to our place for a little bit to hang out for awhile and we had a pretty good time.

So Friday I guess I was pretty busy, but I spent most of yesterday just goofing off and not doing anything productive. Courtney’s due to come back from her week long stay at her Aunt’s place today so at some point we need to hit Sam’s Club prior to her return and then make sure we’re here when they show up. Then I’ll probably goof off some more.

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