Michigan #1 state in demand for broadband.

We’re #1! Woot!

Michigan winning the broadband race | CNET News.com

Michigan leads the nation in stimulating demand for broadband, according to a new report on state broadband policies.

In a report issued Thursday, TechNet, an influential technology lobbying group based in Silicon Valley, said Michigan has developed the best strategy to reduce roadblocks and to spur customers to adopt broadband. The survey analyzed state regulations in 50 states to see whether their policies helped or hindered broadband adoption.

The top five states in TechNet’s state broadband index were Michigan, Florida, Missouri, Texas and Ohio. California, often considered the most tech-savvy state, came in at number 14. The group did not release the bottom 25 states.

We love our high speed Internet here in Michigan. At least I know I do.

3 thoughts on “Michigan #1 state in demand for broadband.

  1. Hey, good old Florida is number 2!!!  But all we have to do is run one piece of fiber from Pensacola to Miami and run branches of of it!  The geography of this state has got to be the craziest in the country. Then again, Michigan is cut in two! I heard people need passports to travel from “mainland” Michigan to the UP smile

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