ADDRESSED TO: everyone except Natalie!  (Whom smoothed things out we me already.)

Time to clear up the THONG ISSUE thing. 
It was an idle threat at best, because…

First: Les doesn’t really have one…

Second: I prefer “El Naturalo” personally!  And since he would only be allowed to indulge in such super macho wear for my benefit (and mine alone)… my preference wins out.  Which is the “El Naturalo” type (nude for those who do not speak pseudo-Latin lingo).

Third: If Les did own such super macho wear…. I’d be a much too jealous rampaging wife type to allow him to take a picture and share his manliness with the whole world. 

So, be disappointed all you lustful babes, but keep on dreaming.  Someday your very own Stupid Evil Bastard will come your way.  It just won’t be this one.  HE’S MINE! LOL!

9 thoughts on “MEMO: THoNG ISSuE

  1. Don’t blame the girls. Everyone wants their own Stupid Evil Bastard. It’s only natural.

    Hmmm. Maybe I should start a line of “action” figures….

  2. Don’t worry about it, Kat. Anne’s just playing. She’s honestly one of the least jealous women I’ve ever known. Hell, who do you think has been takin’ all these pictures? grin

  3. I posted a picture of my husband for the first time last night, and now he’s upset with me.  I think.  Oops.  Heh.  Like I said, I could have posted a picture of him in his kilt.  Mweh.

    I’m here and at Kevin’s and Michele’s for the duration; I plan on hanging around for those “Hitting The Wall” hours. . .I’m in awe of all of you for the Blogathon; it’s definitely one of those “easier than it looks” things.

  4. Yeah, I’m starting to realize that as well. Spent all week carrying on at work about how “at least this doesn’t involve exercise which I’m not in any shape for” when in fact it does involve exercise, just not of your muscles…

  5. Uh, yes it exercises one muscle, the brain one… but it’s not a physically exercise regime it’s a mental one… Okay, I see your point.  It definitely is turning out to be quite the challenge, now isn’t it!

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