Me and my SCARY BEARD!

A few entries back Arcterex asked to see my scary beard and I’ve been meaning to post a good picture of it for awhile now. I realize my medusa pic a little while ago has the beard in it, but figured a nicer pic with me not looking quite so horrorific might be worth doing as well. So here I present in all it’s scary glory a picture of my scary beard:

Click for a bigger pic!

Ooooo! That’s scary! OK, maybe not.

6 thoughts on “Me and my SCARY BEARD!

  1. Hey now! That’s one Hip N’ Happenin’ Hawaiian shirt you’re dissin’ there Missy! OK, so cropped as it is in the pic it’s a little ugly, but it looks MUCH better when you can see the whole thing.

    Besides, it was a Father’s Day gift. I’ll bet you didn’t get any Father’s Day gifts! Just shows I’m a better Father. So nyah! smile

  2. Tacky Shirts run the the family!  Started with Grandma and her wierd flowered shirts and plaid socks thing. Now our mother and I both help carry of the tradition. LOL

  3. Yeah, I’ve been told the Amish thing before. Around Yuletide time when I wear my Santa hat I tend to get stopped by little kids in the malls so they can tell me their wish lists.

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