Look Ma! No wires!

I am sitting in my living room typing up this entry on my laptop thanks to the wonders of modern technology in the form of a shiny new D-Link AirPlus 614+ cable/DSL wireless router and the DWL 650+ PCMCIA card for the laptop. This is pretty cool and will probably result in my using the laptop more often as it eliminates the one drawback it had, namely no Net access unless I was using it in the bedroom hooked in via a standard Ethernet cable which more or less defeats the point of using the laptop when your full-size desktop is right there and already hooked into the network. I’ve been wanting to get a wireless router for some time now and I had hoped to have one before the Blogathon this weekend, but didn’t actually expect to be able to afford one by then. A couple of months ago I helped some friends of ours build a new gaming PC and they’ve been intending to buy me a little something off my wish list as a thank you ever since. Last night Anne talked me into going for an evening walk to get a little badly needed exercise in and we ended up strolling past our friend’s house and decided to drop in and see how they were doing. Realizing it had been awhile since they had said they were going to pick something from my wish list they sat down and wrote me a check for a little cash instead and that combined with some very thorough bargain hunting on the web led me to a deal at the local Office Depot for this tasty new wireless router and PCMCIA card just in time for this weekend’s Blogathon. So now if I get stuck for ideas to blog about during the Blogathon I can always come out here to the living room and bitch about what’s on TV.

The D-Link is particularly nice because the firmware supports some form of compression that allows it to transfer at speeds faster than the standard 11Mbps the 802.11B spec normally allows. In fact using the latest firmware allows it to operate at 4x speeds for 44Mbps speeds making it almost as fast as the newer 802.11G standard. Double rebates on both the router and the PCMCIA card will allow me to gain back almost half what I spent on them to boot. Can’t argue with that. It turns out that the D-Link DWL 810+ is D-Link’s own version of the wireless adapter for game consoles similar to what Linksys sells that I mentioned a few days back. It’s going for $99 for the moment, but some places online are offering it for $77 plus shipping. It’ll be awhile before I pick that up, though. Perhaps a new addition to my wishlist…

I’ve already figured out how to change the default settings to make the wireless connection more secure and I’ve enabled the 256bit WEB encryption with a nice randomly generated key to help keep out unwanted visitors, but I’m going to have to find a better spot to put the router as my signal strength is only 64% or so out here in the living room. Still more than adequate, but it should be higher with the rather short distance involved. Learning how to use one’s new toys is half the fun though.

5 thoughts on “Look Ma! No wires!

  1. Oh yeah. This morning I’m checking my mail and watching the morning news at the same time! 😎 Usually I eat breakfast while watching the news for a half hour and then I go back in the bedroom and check my email, but now I can do it all at once! Plus I can be on the Net without keeping the wife awake all night. I think she’ll appreciate that the most.

  2. I never said I was on the cutting edge. Hell, I know I’m late to the game. Never had much of a reason to do it until recently. This is pretty cool. grin

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