Let’s do another Burning Question!

This time the question comes from my lovely wife, Anne:

What is better boxers or briefs? I’ve only ever owned one pair of boxers before and they were silk and shrunk in the wash after the first time I wore them so I can’t say that I have a good enough idea of what they’re like to make a judgment. I can say they felt really good for that one time, what with being silk and all.

Which super hero would you be if you could be one and why? I’d be Super Lucky Guy! My only super power would be a ridiculous amount of good luck all the time. Whenever I’d go to catch a criminal he’d just happen to be fleeing the police down the street in my direction and he’d just happen to trip on his shoelaces as he was about to pass me and he’d just happen to knock himself out on the statue of Ronald Reagan that just so happened to be nearby at such a convenient time and place.

And people would go, “Wow! What a Super Lucky Guy!!!

5 thoughts on “Let’s do another Burning Question!

  1. If they felt really good, then why have you never tried them again?

    Oooh, does Super Lucky Guy win the lottery a lot too?

  2. You should try the Calvin Klein boxer briefs – comfy, snug and *sexy*.

    (ducks as Anne throws something heavy)

    I meant that my own hubby (who I’m very happy with!!!) wears them and finds them the best of both worlds.  That’s ALL!  I’m not jocking yo’ man, I promise!  :^)

  3. My hubby *ducks nonchalantly* is a big baby!  I haven’t come across the right “size”  for him yet.  Though if you know where to buy big and tall men’s silkies, especially funky Christmas or Otter or Spiderman endowed pairs… I’d love the tip!

  4. I don’t know why I’ve never tried them again. Just never got around to it. Every so often when I see them in the stores I’ll mention it again and how I’d like to give them another go, but I’ve yet to actually do it. It’s another one of those things in my life I keep meaning to do, but get distracted and never actually do it.

    Super Lucky Guy could win the lottery a lot, but he doesn’t need to because he’s lucky enough to find mass quantities of cash in his pocket whenever he really needs it. He has no idea how it gets there, he’s just so damned lucky he always has what he needs on him.

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