Junk food saves the day for soldier who lost a leg to a land mine.

Pfc. Garth Stewart lost part of a leg while on tour in Iraq and spent weeks in an Army hospital weak from constant nausea and constipation after having the leg amputated while doctors and specialists tried everything they could think of to alleviate his symptoms, nothing worked. So what finally did the trick? Carbonated soda… “Mountain Dew saved my goddamn life!”

2 thoughts on “Junk food saves the day for soldier who lost a leg to a land mine.

  1. Personally, I never saw the appeal of that beverage. When I was about 9, I went over to my friend Karen’s for dinner. Her older brother was drinking Mountain Dew and said it was Panther Piss. Since the color was suspicious enough, I decided then and there that the Dew wasn’t for me. smile

  2. Mmm…I love me some Mountain Dew.  I blame my dad’s hillbilly genes, despite being four generations removed from Alabama.

    Hey – you’re not in the Twin Cities, are you?  I had a vague recollection that you were out east somewhere?  Just asking – it’s odd to see the old Pioneer Press being linked by non-locals.

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