It’s been… what… three and a half months so far…

…since G.W. Bush declared an end to major combat operations in Iraq, right?

So, uh… not to raise any potentially embarrassing questions here, but…

…have they found a single weapon of mass destruction in that country yet? An ounce of biological weapons grade material? So much as a nugget of enriched uranium? Bill of sale to al-Qaeda? Letter of intent to do bad things? Anything even remotely close to what we said we were going in there to put an end to?


I didn’t think so, but I haven’t been keeping up lately.

I suppose we can at least take comfort in the fact that we have earned the Iraqi’s eternal gratitude for liberating them from such a horrible dictator. Though I did notice that the rate of American soldiers being killed by grateful Iraqis is now up to a rate of about one a day as of late. Funny way to express their gratitude at their liberation if you ask me. Still, G.W. says it’s going to take time to win their hearts and to plantfind the WOMDs so we should just be patient and reelect him so he can continue to improve the world for another 4 years. I’m sure he has the Iraqi’s, and our, best interests at heart.

5 thoughts on “It’s been… what… three and a half months so far…

  1. It’s now something like 10 killed a week; this is becoming worse and worse as they try to spin their way out of everything, not the least being that they had no plan for invasion or for post-war Iraq.

  2. Be fair, Scott – Bush knows what he’s doing.

    Joshua engaged in very little logistical planning as God directed him, step by step, through the conquest of Canaan etc.  Similarly, the initial explosion of Mohammed’s tribal armies out of Saudi Arabia was carried not by confidence in any careful strategies of the leadership, but by the knowledge that the Big Guy was calling the shots.

    Bush is merely adhering closely to well-known historical/mythological precedent as he blindly trundles our nation into endless war.


  3. Come now Les…this was a war of liberation…you know to depose despots…like Charles Taylor of Liberia. Oh wait, maybe I meant like Kim Jong-il of North Korea.

    Let me get back to you when I can find another despot in a country that has resources the U.S. wants.

  4. I do not have a good, warm feeling about this Iraq WMD nonsense.  The way Bush got us into this thing was ridiculous

  5. Being grateful and skeptical are two different things. Iraq has a little more than 20 million people and about ten U.S. soldiers a week are being killed. If they were so ungrateful wouldn

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