I’m… too sexy for my shirt… too sexy for my shirt… so sexy it hurts…

So just what does a world famous and internationally adored blogger such as your’s truly look like when he’s hard at work on his laptop piecing together the wit and humor and biting insight he’s so well known for? Why, he looks like this:

Click for a bigger pic!

This pic has been censored due to excessive manliness because the last time I let a pic of me topless get out into the public it caused major rioting among women everywhere arguing over who got first dibs on this hunk o’ manliness if I should ever get divorced. Note the intense look of concentration on my face as I pound away mercilessly on my laptop’s keyboard. It takes a lot of work to be this cool.

7 thoughts on “I’m… too sexy for my shirt… too sexy for my shirt… so sexy it hurts…

  1. Wow – you look like a hippy in that pic.  Exchange the laptop for a bong and you’d be every boyfriend I had in college.

    Love the censorship job – that’s class, baby!

  2. WARNING!  To all your love crazed chickies out there… this dude is indeed HAPPILY MARRIED and NOT planning on divorce anytime soon.  So HANDS OFF he’s all mine ladies!

  3. Good thing you censored yourself, I let a picture of my nipple escape into the wild a while ago and well…. lets just say the results weren’t pretty.  I think Illiad (of userfriendly fame) created an ArcterNipple icon out of it.  Or maybe it was labeled as a boil, I’m not sure.

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