If you’re a fan of “Battlestar Galactica” then don’t watch the new show coming to SciFi Channel.

At least that’s what the show’s star, Edward James Olmos, had to say about it:

The Contra Costa Times

HOLLYWOOD – Edward James Olmos, the star of the new “Battlestar Galactica,” has some advice for devoted fans of the 1970s sci-fi series: Don’t watch the remake.

As executives of the Sci Fi channel cringed, Olmos told reporters during the Television Critics Association summer tour that he “would not advise them to watch this program. It will hurt them . . .

“The intent and the way we’ve built the reality is very different from the reality of the original.”

He’s not saying it sucks per se, but he is saying that long-time fans of the original show will probably feel that it sucks. The basic premise is the same, but a whole lot of the details have been changed and the tone is darker and sexier than the original.

I watched the original show when it came on mainly because it was one of the few sci-fi series on TV at the time and I thought it was generally OK. I’m not so enamored with the original show that I can’t give a total reinvention of the concept a shot at winning my heart so I’ll probably check it out, but if you cringe at the thought that Starbuck is now played by a woman then it might be best to forget the show is coming back.

5 thoughts on “If you’re a fan of “Battlestar Galactica” then don’t watch the new show coming to SciFi Channel.

  1. I will give the series this much credit: they got a good actor to take over Lorne Greene’s role as Adama. Beyond that, I’ve been cringing at the news coming out about the fate of BSG for months. I was interested in seeing the new movie back when it would have been driven by Richard Hatch and crew, more for nostalgia than anything else.

    In another lefthanded compliment…it may not be as bad as Galactica 1980 was.

  2. Never a huge fan of the original, sure the toys were cool, I’m looking forward to a new take on it.

  3. I watched the original faihtfully because at the time it was one of the few SF shows on TV. However, even then I though it sucked. I’ll give the new one a shot but I’m not expecting much.

  4. I think the show is lame.  It is just a bunch of huggin and kissin.  God, I am amazed that it could be that much worse than the original.  I mean cmon, the Cylons were WAY cooler when they were robots with those cool voices and the red eye.  Making Starbuck a woman is like making Chrissy on Three’s company a man.  This is by far the worst remake of a series ever done.  The people making it are arrogant at best to assume they can totally remake the series however they want and do justice to the original without key things like the Cylon’s voices.  I couldn’t quite understand the Galactica either.  It looks dumb.  The original vipers and raiders were far cooler looking and the fight scenes were too.  The music for the original was brilliant.  This is half assed. The ‘sexiness’ is irrelevant, it should be cool first.  I mean it is Sci-fi.  Its like they had to make every character with power a woman or something. GAY!!  I like the Adama replacement, that is about it.  I loved the series growing up and I never considered it a flop.  The fact that Richard Hatch and Glen Larson weren’t a major part of this is pathetic and reflects the stupidity of the producers.

  5. i wished they used the original cast with newones and if they did a newseries they could atleast use the newcharecters and call it the galactica the new generation.the epytion helmets in the original was silly but the human cylons is sillier.

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