Hitting homeless people and driving home with them embedded in your windshield becoming a trend.

Remember that lady who struck some poor homeless bastard wedging him firmly into her windshield who then drove home and parked the car in the garage and left him there to die? The one that was just sentenced to 50 years in prison a week or so ago?

Well, looks like she’s started a trend only this kid did her one better:

Operator: Did you see the man get hit by a car?

Caller: Um, no. But I found his legs.

Operator: You found his legs?

Caller: Yes.

Ouch, that had to hurt. At least someone contacted 911 as soon as the teenager made it home, but still…

11 thoughts on “Hitting homeless people and driving home with them embedded in your windshield becoming a trend.

  1. I was thinking the exact same thing as Nicole.  Geez.  Pretty damn fast!  But apparently not faster than the speed limit, eh?  Wow, what a sad story.

  2. The son-of-a-bitch who beat my brother to death with a baseball bat got 25 years back in 1990 and is out now. My bro was homeless at the time but who cared about him?
    At least somebody is making human life more valuable now.

  3. Neil, your post really hit me hard. Although I don’t know the facts behind your tragedy one thing is clear. The man who killed your brother should still be in jail. Accidental death is difficult enough to accept; choosing to rob someone of life is another thing entirely. I can only imagine how often events like this can remind you of your loss. Both you and Les have memories and regrets I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I’m sorry for the finality of each of your situations. Brock

  4. Thanks Brock, that’s kind of you.

    Yeah, it is a life changing event, that’s for sure. For my folks, a second son lost, one to a car accident years before. When the sentancing came down, one of the detectives said to my mom, “25 years..he’ll probably serve eight!”
    REALLY COMFORTING, there blue!

    They have so many drug offenders in prisons they don’t keep criminals in long anymore for horrendous crimes like murder—they need the room.

    I truly hope the guy has paid his price and never commits this crime again and actually contributes to society. It’s probably wishful thinking, tho. I still want to call him an SOB.

    Cheers, Neil

  5. Oh, and when I went to see the movie, “Ghost” by myself a month after the murder was kind of poor judgement.
    I cried like a retiring athlete!

  6. Obviously we don’t know the facts – we werent’ there.  But, if you read the article, the 19 year old boy (driver) drove home (about a mile away) to call 911, because he did not have a cellular phone.  It was what, under the circumstances, he felt was the best thing to do.  He (supposedly) wasn’t trying to “hide” it like the lady any her boyfriend did in that prior case (they dumped the body in a park).

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