Here comes the sun…

Oh look, it’s the sun. It’s starting to peek over the horizon. The birds are all pissed off about it and chirping like thousands of little maniacs. It’s cloudy here so I can’t actually see the sun, but the clouds are a lot lighter so either the sun is rising or there’s one big assed UFO hovering over my apartment complex.

I’m watching some sort of special report on CNN where some female reporter is being dragged around Alaska and right now she’s trying to climb down a wall of ice into a crevasse all the while trying to explain to us what the dangers posed by crevasses are and she’s damn near slipping and falling down the ice wall. If it were me I’d be like “You putz’s can fucking wait until I get my ass down the wall before I try to talk to you. I need to friggin’ CONCENTRATE!”

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