Good Girls Go Bad Spring Break 2003! All caught live!

It’s not that I have a problem with the fact that there is someone out there producing a rip-off of the Girls Gone Wild videos, and managing to have even lower production values in the process, as much as it’s the tag line that bugs me. “ALL CAUGHT LIVE!”

Well, yeah. :doh: If they were dead then it’d be much less interesting, unless you’re a necrophiliac, and would add a whole new meaning to the title of “Good Girls Go Bad” as it would probably refer to their ripe smell after a couple of days.

Yeah, it’s getting really late now. Six hours to go and I’m bitching about the stupid skin video commercials. I’m startin’ to feel it now.

3 thoughts on “Good Girls Go Bad Spring Break 2003! All caught live!

  1. I’m still here. A little tired, but still here. I can tell my thinking’s being affected, though, because I’m getting annoyed at stupid commercials. grin

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