Final hour. One more entry after this one. What the fuck shall I bitch about now?

I started cruising around the Blogathon webring to see how others are holding up and my sense of pride has swelled somewhat as a result. Even my minimal entries have had more content than some of these other folks in the last wee hours and that’s no small feat considering how fried my brain is feeling. I’m managing by forcing myself to become highly interested in random objects that I normally take for granted such as the intricate design on the Kleenex box or that stupid scroll bar on the bottom of the CNN channel. How’d they get that pattern on the Kleenex box? Truth is I know exactly how they did it, but I intentionally suppressed that knowledge and pretended I was the target audience for the Sci-Fi’s Tuesday Night Declassified shows (read: that I have the IQ of cheez whiz) and I proceeded to invent all manner of ludicrous methods for the pattern to be put on that stupid box like they used enslaved gerbils specially trained to paint random patterns with their tails in exchange for kibble and water. You know, only highly plausible explanations. Now my brain hurts. It’s my own fault.

They’re talking about the anniversary of the rescue of the Quecreek miners last year on CNN. I’ll refrain from expressing my opinion of all this hype over this event as I’m sure it’d just piss people off. “Hallowed ground.” Give me a break.

2 thoughts on “Final hour. One more entry after this one. What the fuck shall I bitch about now?

  1. “Enslaved gerbils”?  You NEED some sleep, Les my friend.  *laughing* 

    I know what you mean about some of the things that make “anniversary” news. I can’t remember too much about that specific incident… usually though there is some reason to say “yeah, glad the result was _____, but what about the _______ ?” 

    You are doing great – one more to go!

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