Dude! Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure is on TNT!

It’s 4:10 AM and I’ve just found that this venerably stupid movie is playing on TNT. And here I am in an appropriately diminished mental capacity to get full enjoyment out of it. Maybe I am Super Lucky Guy after all!

6 thoughts on “Dude! Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure is on TNT!

  1. LOL!! That’s what I thought about Austin Powers, when I first watched it: “Oh good, I’m of a sufficiently dimmed brainpower that I can enjoy this!!”

    We can make it. Just 3 and a half more hours to go…

  2. I’m not worried about staying awake, I just don’t have anything worth writing about anymore. I’m writing about one show ending and another beginning. Sad. Sad sad sad sad sad…

  3. Meh…if you want to feel better about not having anything to write, visit my place. My gimmick fell apart, on account of my having paying work yesterday and part of today. Talk about pitiful!

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