Busy week ahead of me…

Looks like I’ll be kept hopping at work for the next few days. We’re in the process of getting rid of older PCs that are off lease and replacing them with newer ones in no less than three of the buildings I recently became a “Zone Planner” for. Fortunately one of the buildings is about to be shut down so there’s all of 6 people in it. I sent out the emails letting those folks who are getting new PCs know that it was happening so I expect to walk into work today to find dozens of emails from people who didn’t properly read the notice I sent out and are now panicking about nothing. Need to get together with my Chiropractic Doctor this evening to figure out why he can’t get to his own website that I helped him set up. I also need to contact my counselor to let him know Courtney won’t be able to keep her appointment on Tuesday because her Dad’s a dumbass and forgot she already had a day full of activities lined up. Need to return the faulty copy of Harry Potter to Sam’s Club today. Then this coming Saturday is the Blogathon.

Gonna be a busy week.

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