Burning Questions Round 2.

Let’s dive back into the burning questions I’ve received so far. This one comes from my sister Cindy who is always a joy to talk with.

1) Birth order.  Being middle child would you choose differently if you had a chance. That’s a good question. Certainly there were disadvantages to being the middle child, but there were also advantages. Each one of the three of us kids turned out quite differently in terms of personality and while we share some traits overall, we’re as different as our hair colors. I’ve grown to really like the person I am and that person wouldn’t be the same if I had been born first or last. I’d have to say the answer would be no, I wouldn’t change the birth order. There was a time I might have, but in hindsight I’m pretty happy with being the middle child.

1 thought on “Burning Questions Round 2.

  1. Another middle child checking in here, Les.

    Might be why I like you so much. Now I can sing “Stuck in the middle with you……”

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