Blogathon sponsors so far.

Hmmm. Seems I need to do a little better job of promoting my participation in the upcoming Blogathon. I have 5 sponsors so far (and a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has sponsored me so far) with a total of $36.25 pledged. Not bad for a first timer I suppose, but I’d love to get that total up to at least $100. Hmmmm, what can I do to help pull in a few more pledges. I could promise to shave my head, but I do that every so often anyhow so I don’t suppose that’s all that big of a deal. I also already paint my toenails so that’s not odd enough to pull people in.

I’ll have to think about this a bit more and see what I could do that would be out of the ordinary for me. In the meantime I think I’ll see if my parents would be interested in sponsoring me. wink In the meantime, if you decide on a whim you’d like to sponsor me just click the little logo over their in the left-hand column to do so.

11 thoughts on “Blogathon sponsors so far.

  1. Well, I’m up to $32 now.  Scott and Kim Baron are making me work for it, though.  At $.50/hr…I now have to make it all the way.

    Now where did I keep that industrial strength coffee with the Jolt chaser?

  2. I would think I’d tend to get more pledges if I threatened to post compromising pictures of myself if people don’t pledge.


  3. You could improve the economy, so more of us have money to spend where we want instead of only where we must. At this point I’m asking anyone to work on it since Bush and company have expensive tastes. Maybe after they get their’s, there will be a little left over for us. Ya think?

  4. Trust me, I’m doing all that I can to improve the economy. How else am I going to land that ridiculously easy yet still overwhelmingly high paying job?

  5. Actually, I think I may be a little confused. It’s my understanding that bloggers are to pay us, the readers for reading their blogs all night. This may explain why no one has contacted me concerning the Blogathon yet. Man, this sucks!

  6. Try not eating other creatures. smile  I’ll give you a dollar. Or more.

    The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
    Mahatma Gandhi  

    Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.”

  7. Reality is that I must consume other life in order to sustain my own. Considering that eating vegetables is still the taking of life in order to continue life I don’t really see how relying solely on vegetables for sustenance is in any way fair to them. Sure the animals benefit, but the plants don’t. If I’m going to have to kill one way or the other to survive then I don’t see why I should play favorites.

    That and I love the taste of a good steak too much to give it up.

  8. Not really. Being mean has nothing to do with it. Is it any less cruel to chomp down on vegetables? Just because they can’t cry out does that mean they feel no pain? We steam, boil, fry and bake them while they are still alive yet I hear no one advocating for the plants. At least most animals have the good fortune to be dead when we eat them.

    If you want to argue with me that vegetarianism is preferable because it’s a healthier diet that would be one thing, but to argue based on the premise that it’s immoral to kill animals for food while killing plants is fine is much shakier ground in my opinion. I’m an atheist. As such I’ve spent a lot of time examining my morals and I worked out my philosophy on this issue a long time ago.

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