Awake but not for much longer…

I have been awake and up playing with a new toy…what’s that you ask? Certainly Eric does not have ANOTHER gadget that he does not need but so desperately wanted? Yes my friends I am afraid it is true. I accepted delivery of my adorable little 10 Gb iPod and have been configuring, uploading music and audio books (I figure it is a good time to finally “read” Moby Dick (unabridged)), arranging and re-arranging play lists and just plain having fun with a really cool toy.

I obviously can not argue that I NEEDED it because, seriously, who really NEEDS an MP3 player / USB 2.0 or Firewire harddrive / Datebook / Contact list? However after losing an iRiver MP3 player by leaving it at the doctors office (in an exam room, you would think you could trust your medical practitioner and their office staff not to swipe your shit) I have been feeling the itch to replace it. And of course upgrade to an even bigger and more expensive one.

Sorry I can’t stick it out all night with you Les, but I forgot that today was my niece’s college graduation so I am going to have to go make amends tomorrow. I am a baaaaaad Uncle, shut yo mouth! I’m just talkin about Eric.

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