Argon Seiko to be sentenced today.

I’m headed to court this morning in Detroit for the sentencing of Argon “Gary” Seiko, the Dearborn Traffic Ordinance officer who killed my friend Bill Owen back in February. The charges have been reduced in exchange for a guilty plea and the jail time Seiko might face if he gets the maximum sentence is two years, but it’s also possible he could get off with little more than probation. A bunch of Bill’s friends and family will be there for this and we’re hoping our presence will help push the judge toward jail time, though we have no idea if being there will make any difference or if we’ll be allowed to say anything. Still, on the off-chance that it might help we’ll be there.

3 thoughts on “Argon Seiko to be sentenced today.

  1. So the day is finally here…at the very least, hopefully there will be some closure for you.  At the most, well, knowing what I do of our justice system I won’t get my hopes up, but we’ll be thinking of you and hoping for the best.

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