Angels are out, Gentlemen are in.

After all the really horrible reviews that the Charlie’s Angels sequel garnered (last I checked it had a 39% Freshness rating at Rotten Tomatoes) we’ve opted not to bother seeing it in the theater and will just wait for it to hit DVD in a couple of months to save a little cash. With all the movies we’ve seen recently it’s been hard to find something worth renting at Blockbuster these days anyway so it’ll give us something to look forward to.

As such I’ve removed CA from the Summer Blockbuster scorecard I’ve been maintaining at the top of the navigation bar and replaced it with a movie I hadn’t been positive we would be taking in previously. Said movie being The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. A movie wherein Sean Connery shows you’re never too old to kick a little ass as long as your surround yourself with a lot of other people who have way cool super powers that you don’t possess yourself.

4 thoughts on “Angels are out, Gentlemen are in.

  1. Hey there buddy… don’t be dis’in my Sean Connery.  Like that dude, much, I do. 

    Don’t forget our kiddo saw CA with her aunt and cousin while visiting last week.  She was the only one seriously interested in seeing CA immediately, anyway. 

    I’d prefer to see League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.  And there is the T-3 Movie coming out too this month.  The Laura Croft, Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life movie with Angelina Jolie looks fun too.  Though, I could have done w/o the seeing the GREEN GUY in theaters.  But, ya know… I’m just a spoil-sport for you most the time, anyway:-)  LOL! 


  2. If you’re a Monty Python/Terry Gilliam fan, rent “Lost in La Mancha,” which I wrote about yesterday. Stunning stuff.

  3. Oooh, yes, I want to see that as well. But wait, do I not see Pirates of the Caribbean on your list? Not a fan of my lovely Johnny?

  4. Actually, I do want to see Pirates. The reason it’s not on the list is because of fundage issues. The scorecard was supposed to be of the movies we were definitely going to see this summer. We managed to sneak in a couple that weren’t on the list such as Finding Nemo and The Italian Job so the scorecard isn’t set in stone.

    Checking the reviews at Rotten Tomatoes it looks like Pirates has gotten a very high amount of good reviews whereas the early results on Leagues isn’t so good so that scorecard may be changing yet again. grin

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