A short, but sweet entry for Natalie.

She’s asked twice now and even though I did respond in the entry where she asked the first time she appears to have missed it so I thought I’d use one of my entries to answer her question:

You never answered my Twin Cities question…you should maybe tell us of your travels?  Where you’ve lived, etc.?

I was born in Detroit, Michigan and I’ve lived here my entire life to date. While I was technically born in Detroit, I never actually lived there. The first 17 years of my life were spent in Pontiac, Michigan which is a lot like Detroit only smaller. In 1984, just before I entered my last year of high school, we moved out to Orion Township and I attended Lake Orion High School for what would turn out to be the worst year of school ever. I lived there for another 5 years before I moved out for the first time to live with my then almost-fiance briefly in a shitty little one bedroom apartment in Waterford before moving into a two bedroom townhouse in Rochester Hills with another couple a few months later. I was there for less than a year before realizing that this woman I thought I was headed toward marriage with was actually a Psycho-Queen-Bitch-From-Hell and I ended up breaking things off and moving back in with my parents in Orion Township. About a month after that I learned my daughter was on her way into the world. I hadn’t intended on staying with my folks for long, but I ended up doing just that for longer than I probably should have. When I finally did get back out on my own I moved down here to Canton and I’ve lived here ever since.

In short, Michigan is the only home I’ve ever known. Occasionally I think it might be nice to live in another state, but we don’t tend to have problems with flooding or wild fires or earthquakes or any of the other major disasters that seem to frequent so many other places. Plus the seasons are nice and don’t tend to last so long that I get sick of them. If someone offered me enough money, though, I’d be willing to move elsewhere.

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