30 Second Movie Review: Terminator 3

We made it out to see T3 tonight. Once again I am pleased with the film overall, but not without my nitpicks. The story has a few plot holes that override the earlier films and I thought the TX was a step backward from the T-1000 in terms of its technology as it was nowhere near as hard to kill. She did have some additional capabilities, but nothing that seemed to give her a clear advantage. So while I can see how she was more advanced than Arnold she wasn’t as good as the T-1000 in my mind. The movie makes up for this with some amazing action sequences and a good tongue-in-cheek sense of humor that tips its hat to the previous films without venturing into openly mocking them. Just as I was after seeing T2, I once again find myself marveling how anything a filmmaker can imagine can now be visualized in a most startlingly realistic way on film. Good fun. Go see it.

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