30 Second Movie Review: Cowboy Bebop: Knocking on Heaven’s Door.

I so wanted to see this in the theater when it came through the Detroit area, but never managed to make it out to Royal Oak to the one single friggin’ art house that was showing it. When I saw the DVD at the local Best Buy I snatched it up with all the speed and desperate grace of a crack junkie who’s not had a fix in almost two weeks. I loved the TV series. CB is probably my all-time favorite anime series.

For those of you who are uninitiated, Cowboy Bebop is an anime series that follows the exploits of a crew of space-faring bounty hunters in a future where mankind has colonized the solar system and Earth is little more than a garbage dump. Each of the characters has a past that they’ve never fully gotten away from and the series moves between silly comedy and serious drama with a fluid grace few stories are able to achieve. Even folks who aren’t big anime fans tend to like this series and the English dub, if you’re the sort that doesn’t like subtitles, is probably one of the best dubs you could hope for.

Cowboy Bebop: Knocking on Heaven’s Door takes place somewhere along the time line of the TV series for reasons that are obvious to anyone who has seen the entire series. It has the crew of the Bebop coming up against a bio-terrorist with an unusual motive on Mars during a Halloween festival. The story is good, the pacing fast and the animation simply stunning at times. If you’re already a fan then you’ll love this movie. If you haven’t already seen the TV series you could still probably get into the movie without too much trouble though the behavior of characters like Ed might seem a bit difficult to fathom. OK, even if you’ve seen the series the behavior of Ed is difficult to fathom. She’s just cool. At any rate this is a worthwhile flick that is a must-buy for any fans of the original series.

9 thoughts on “30 Second Movie Review: Cowboy Bebop: Knocking on Heaven’s Door.

  1. Man, I LOVE Cowboy Bebop. When Cartoon Network started running it, I was pickled tink, I tell ya.
    Spike, Einie, Ed’s eccentricities and long pondered gender questions – all of it.
    I actually know the story behind Ed’s being the girl with a boys name.
    Does that make me an Anime Geek?

  2. Hey wuts up!well accually i am a girl, 13 to be exact.I was just wondering if…::scraches head:: if you could tell me what the heck is wrong with Fay?!?!?! I think it’s cuz of bein’ on a ship cuz Spike is wierd at times and Jet is…what do you call it…boring. So tell me is Fay dealin with PMS or is she just plain bitchy?

  3. epsode 8 is when edd gets there i uve the subd one edd’s voce is amazing she is =hacker girl coolest anime person ever muchrom samber is one of the funyest edd hets a bag of ‘‘spachel muchroms’’ mm what cud thay be and plays sume triks so funy

  4. I think you all are dumb for thinking you know about Cowboy Bebop when you really know jack shit. Faye is her own person, she’s great, Ed is the coolest of them all because she’s so outgoing, Ein is the cutest dog ever, Jet is not boaring you crackhead, he’s goin through a hell of a lot more then you have, IS FUCKING PARTNER CAUSED HIM HIS ARM! so no, he’s not boaring. Spike is himself, he is a 27 year old man with a past he wishes to be forgotten. Julia is some chick who is bacically who this is about, other than Vicious. SO GET A DAMN CLUE! DON’T SEND COMMENTS UNLESS YOU KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT COWBOY BEBOP! You posers

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