Wander-Lust blog portal shuts down.

Well this is a bummer. Blog portal and promotion site Wander-Lust has shut down according to a message at the site.

It is with great sadness that I bring this project to an end. I wish it were different but a personal issue make it impossible for me to keep this project up to what it should be.

You’ve been a terrific group for participating in Wander-Lust. I extend my sincerest gratitude to each of you as well as my apologies for having to turn out the lights on our little community.
I thank you for you understanding and wish each of you the very best.

With Love,

SEB was a Wander-Lust member and it brought a decent number of new readers our way. I haven’t heard what exactly prompted them to close up shop, but I hope that it might return someday. It was a pretty cool idea and probably my favorite of those types of sites. We here at SEB wish Rick good luck in the future and hope he’s able to overcome whatever problems he may encounter. Thanks for a great service.

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