The Truth Laid Bear’s blogosphere rankings.

It’s official. SEB is currently ranked 1090 on The TTLB’s Blogosphere Ecosystem. Not sure what that means, but it was an interesting thing to stumble across. Near as I can tell it’s pretty much a rating based on how many people are linking to your weblog on a given day. As of yesterday I had 15 links. A wee-bit off from Instapundit’s 1,335.

Hell, I’m happy to have 15 people who find SEB interesting enough to link to. I suppose if I were a bit more consistent about what I put up here I’d have a lot more people linking to me. It probably doesn’t help that I’m not real good at keeping up with what the rest of the “blogosphere” is up to. Oh well.

1 thought on “The Truth Laid Bear’s blogosphere rankings.

  1. Do a search on me; I’m listed twice, and once I’m WAY up near the top—it’s all of those self-referencing categories, apparently, on my main blog page.

    My second link is much more realistic.

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