The other shoe.

Today I went to the last session of our meeting with the regional manager who just came up from Texas for two days. I would have known what the meeting was all about due to our incredibly efficient grapevine but I have known this was coming now for the past six months, I kind of have an inside track because my position puts me in constant contact with so many local managers. The only tidbit of news that was new was a definite timetable, but even that had pretty much been guessed by most of us…but for the wrong reason.

By the end of December all of us with the Troy RMC will be out of a job, or at least most of us will be. Those of us piecing things together in the trenches figured that our buildings lease must be expiring at the end of the year and rather than renew it they would simply reduce manpower by moving our jobs to India, Kentucky, or Utah. We were wrong about that. They are moving the jobs but the lease is not expiring.

Now faced with a concrete deadline I am somewhat agitated, not angry and certainly not surprised, just kind of nervous in that sick to your stomach way. It will pass and I will eventually find another job either inside or outside of the company, but right now I am of a fairly aggressive disposition. I apologize in advance to anyone I might be nasty with today, I’m just stuck in high gear.

2 thoughts on “The other shoe.

  1. Don’t think them for Anne and I. That was Eric’s tale of woe up there. grin I really do need to make our names bigger it seems. :dohtwo:

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