That’s so crazy it might just work.

So for some reason I find myself out at the MSNBC website and find this headline – Clinton: Want Me Back?

Honestly, his sexual misconduct is really only between himself and his wife and while he may have been screwing an intern for a couple of years in the oval office Bush has been brutally fucking all of us for his entire term. Can I think of a BETTER candidate? Given some time I probably can, but at the moment he is the lesser of two evils and after the last three years I would welcome him back with open arms.

Now for those of you who are saying ‘but he was already elected twice and cannot be elected to the presidency again’ you are quite right. But read the story (it is only two paragraphs) and while I admit the idea is certainly sneaky and underhanded, is it any worse than the outright theft of an election?

I would so PAY to see a debate between Al Franken and Baby Bush!

4 thoughts on “That’s so crazy it might just work.

  1. Franken would eat him alive.

    Meanwhile, the Big Dog may be onto something, if we can get the 22nd amended…

  2. Sorry I think its a pothetic attempt to catch up to XBox. And the fact that there is no graphics improvements means Sony can lick my ass. If this was the specks for a PS3 I would be impressed. XBox is still my weapon of choice.

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