Teen prisoner gets arm stuck in jail toilet.

There are just some arguments people should realize are not worth pursuing. Take for example this idiot teenager in Indiana:

Teen prisoner adds to woes by getting arm stuck in toilet

INDIANA, Pa.—Should the question arise, the answer is yes, indeed, you can get your arm hopelessly stuck in a prison toilet.

Confirmation comes courtesy of a 19-year-old inmate at the state prison near Indiana, Pa. The way inmate Raymond Davenport told it to corrections officers, he just didn’t buy the tale about a fellow inmate getting his arm wedged in a prison cell toilet a couple months ago.

So Tuesday, he tried it himself.

“He said that other inmates told him about this, and he was going to prove them wrong,” said Douglas Russell, spokesman at the prison, the State Correctional Institution Pine Grove.

In a low moment for scientific experimentation, Davenport didn’t prove anyone wrong. He got his arm wedged deep in the stainless steel toilet.

While I would normally praise a teenager showing enough initiative to undertake experimentation to try and disprove a theory, this is not one of those occasions. Still, few things are better for driving a lesson home than a bad experience so perhaps he’ll be a little wiser in the future.

6 thoughts on “Teen prisoner gets arm stuck in jail toilet.

  1. Of course, if he were the type for whom lessons could be driven home, he might be living in a nice suburb, with a friendlier toilet, I might add!

  2. Oh yeah, I hadn’t even thought about the escape route. But, thanks to the next entry here, I am now having visions of this prisoner and such a toilet, after an overdose of penis pills.

  3. If anyone else wants to try and disprove it without actually being in prison they have some listed on eBay for $250.00, or if you spent some time doing time and maybe miss the icy cold feel of Stainless Steel in the morning check them out. I’ll take a porcelain one myself

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