Supreme Court strikes down Texas anti-sodomy law.

So the folks in the black robes up on the big bench have decided that the Government shouldn’t be telling people in which orifices they can legally stick their wee willies when having sex. Here in Michigan two legislators have already introduced legislation to repeal Michigan’s anti-sodomy law in response to the Supreme Court’s decision. The state law hasn’t been used since 1990 and that case brought about a ruling from a Wayne County Circuit Court that the law violated the state Constitution.

Some lawmakers around the country are pretty upset by this decision, but I would’ve thought they’d be happy about it. After all now they don’t have to worry about being arrested for doing to their constituents what they’ve been doing all along anyway.

Bend over and smile, it’s legal now! 😮

11 thoughts on “Supreme Court strikes down Texas anti-sodomy law.

  1. Hmmm…I clicked here with the full intention of leaving my own “LOL” or “LMAO” but those salient points have previously been addressed.  Huh.


    Rock out with your c*ck out, brotha man – and you can stick it wherever you want.

    *“Laughing my eFfing ass of at the stupidity of BS laws like this that were even passed in the first place and praise be to Les at Stupid Evil Bastard for being the sane voice in a sea of drivel”

  2. I guess it’s time for the gay political activist to replace that bitchy slogan “We’re here, we’re queer, get used to it!” with something new. How about “Choosy judges choose sodomy”, or “Six out of Nine Supreme Court Judges recommend anal sex for those who don’t like gerbils”, or “Sodomy- When it absolutely positively has to be between two men”, or even, “Just do it (in the butt).” Well, you get the idea Les. I bet you could think of even better ones. Balls, I bet I could too.

  3. this website, as well as the current comments posted, are extremely ignorant, hateful, discriminatory, and redneck.
    try going to college. learn about human and civil rights. remove your head from your own ass and realize that your extreme right wing rantings do not and never will represent the majority opinion in america, you assholes.

  4. I do believe this is the first time I’ve ever been called an “extreme right wing” anything. How fucking far to the left does Jamie have to be to call me a right wing extremest?

    Wow. Too funny!

  5. Now, now—let’s not be to hard on the lad.  His heart’s in the right place.

    (I won’t comment on the location of his head)  :point:

    [I’ll deal with YOU later, LES, you FASCIST!]

  6. I think that Jamie’s probably assuming (heh, that word has “ass” in it) that we’re being sarcastic about supporting that whole sodomy law upheaval.  Personally, I totally support the fact that the unconstitutional law is gone, but I mean come on –

    You can’t get much funnier than a bunch of pompous supreme court judges talking about butt-sex, nevermind the fact there were LEGAL issues surrounding it.

    If you can’t laugh at that, then why the hell do you bother dealing with people like us in the first place?  I know plenty of gay friends who would be doing the same damned thing and making fun of it.

    Have some freakin’ FUN dammit!

  7. Hey, I laughed my butt off (thereby removing it from lecherous consideration) at the idea of slogans like the ones I offered above being topical and utilitarian. I’m not sure if Jamie thought I was insulting the Supreme Court’s ruling or not, but I wasn’t. Then again, maybe I didn’t make clear enough where my allegiance lies. Being gay, all I could think at the time of the ruling was that it must be April Fool’s day and tomorrow we’d be back to life; back to reality. I’m overjoyed that previously off-limits virgin butts are now available for use. Lock up your sons (and daughters): we’re legal now (I keid, I keid, again.) But Les, I gotta say you really went too far this time. Go to college man, like I did, and try to see the bigger picture. Your ultra conservative values have no place in a compassionate and progressive America, like the one we presently live in – You Stupid Evil anti-Buttfu**er you!

    PS Keep up the lonely work. Some of us recognize the courage you bring to your site, even though it is all but extinct elsewhere.   

  8. Courage? I don’t know if it takes courage so much as a lack of concern about offending people and one hell of a long mischievous streak.

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