Saying goodbye to an old friend.

My mother is having a bad day today. She had to say goodbye to an old friend. His name was T.J. and he was a golden tabby cat that’s been a part of the family for over 13 years. T.J.‘s health had been slowly going down hill over the past year or so and it had taken a turn for the worse just recently. When I last visited with them a few weeks ago it was obvious to me that he didn’t have much time left and was having trouble just getting around the house. My mother didn’t want him to suffer unnecessarily so today she took him into the Vet and had him put to sleep for the last time. This is one of those tasks that has never been easy for my mother to do, but somehow she always finds the compassion and courage it takes to do it.

Life goes on and my folks already have a younger cat named Molly that they adopted about a year or so ago in part to help keep T.J. a little more active. Molly will undoubtedly help the pain to pass a little more quickly, but Mom could still use a little cheering up today.

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