Redesign itch.

I’ve been itching to change the look of SEB lately. Something a little cleaner and less graphic orientated with a more pleasing color scheme. I blame Bill Zeller of Minimal Verbosity for this sudden desire as his site design is one I’d love to steal if I didn’t have any ethics. It also doesn’t help that I think these little 80×15 buttons that everyone is using these days are pretty damn cool and look like total shit with my current design. Etan from TooMuchSexy has got a nice understated design that those cute little buttons look great in.

I want one. So far all my attempts look like total crap. I’m lousy working with pastels. Hell, I’m lousy at choosing color schemes. I’ve tried using some of those color scheme makers online that help you to pick out complementary colors and my layouts still look like crap. I’m very frustrated creatively lately. In all honesty, I’d love to have a way-cooler grungy brush graphic layout for the site, but my graphic design skills are minimal at best so I thought a minimalist approach would be easier. Which, of course, it isn’t. Grrrrrr. I’ll come up with something soon. I hope. I’m also working on layouts for three other sites, one of them being my mother’s. None of those are working out well for me either at the moment. Grrrrr. It’s annoying.

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