Random site tweaking…

Just a few notes on Things-About-SEB-I’d-Been-Meaning-To-Fix:

  • The “Remember Me” function on individual archive pages should now work like it’s supposed to. It was working properly in the popup comment window, but not on the individual entries and it had to do with how I had set up my site to break the archive pages down by year, month, day and title. On the individual entries the Remember Me function only worked for THAT one entry. Oops.

  • Got rid of the comment toolbar I borrowed from the MT-Plugin website and replaced it with a simpler version. If you don’t use Internet Explorer for your comments you won’t see it, but for those of you who use IE the change isn’t a big deal. I just wanted to simplify the code a little.

  • On a related note, I’ve added in a text filter for the comments that emulates the BBCode functions that many popular message board scripts use. If you know BBCode you can use it in your comments to format your text. If you don’t know BBCode then I’ve supplied a handy little link under the comments text box with a link to a help file. Not all BBCodes are emulated, but the big important ones used most often are.

    OK, that’s all for now.

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