Heard on the way into work this morning on NPR that Bush’s latest nomination for the Federal bench is Alabama Attorney General William Pryor. I don’t have much time to go into details on why this is such an alarming nomination, but fortunately the folks at Ruminate This have written up a pretty good summary:

Just when you think it can’t get any worse…

In what is expected to be a contentious hearing, Alabama Attorney General William Pryor will sit before a Senate Judiciary Committee that has just begun checking him out for lifetime placement onto the Federal bench.

Pryor is an extremist nominee. You need to pick up the phone, dial up your Senators at 1-800-839-5276 and protest this candidate. Here’s why:

    * He’s a Federalist Society ideologue.

    * He has successfully fought against federal protections against the disabled and elderly.

    * He has a long record as an opponent to Roe v. Wade and women’s reproductive rights.

    * He is opposed to the separation of church and state. According to People for the American Way, Pryor is “unfit” to be a judge. Dig this: “At a public rally on behalf of a judge who was sued for praying and displaying the 10 Commandments in court, Pryor announced, ‘God has chosen, through his son Jesus Christ, this time and this place for all Christians…to save our country and save our courts.’”

    * He has fought against civil rights legislation enforcement.

    * He has fought against the Family Medical Leave Act.

    * He has fought against environmental protections.

    * He has fought against consumer and worker rights.

Telephone your Senators today, and voice opposition to William Pryor. Call 1-800-839-5276. Tell them you want an unbiased judiciary that reflects the values of most Americans. Tell them that William Pryor is an extremist ideologue who has no place on the Federal bench. Tell them they must filibuster if it is the only way to stop this ideological extremist.

One more thing…

This hearing is going to be Very Significant because in the event we move to filibuster, the events will likely generate a disturbing Republican response: the “nuclear option”…a power grab that would effectively eliminate the filibuster as a tool to fight off extremist ideologues. The “nuclear option” would reduce the number of votes needed to kill a filibuster. If that happens…if the Republicans were able to muster 67 votes to pass that resolution, we’re talking about the crushing of advice and consent. Notes on the Atrocities spoke about this very same issue last week in her piece, Bush’s Assault on the Constitution (links are Bloggered, but scroll down). In a political paradigm noted for its Right wing control of the Executive and Legislative branches, this is tantamount to a GOP dictatorship, we should be fighting this one tooth and nail.

Visit Jeralyn Merritt’s TalkLeft for more information on Pryor. She has written extensively about the candidate.

My apologies to the folks at Ruminate This for posting their whole entry verbatim, but I thought it was something that should be spread as far and as wide as possible.


  1. And if people don’t act NOW, just wait out the term, the damage this wretched administration will do to our way of life is incalculable. 1890’s here we come!

  2. Les,

    I have been reading your blog for some time and this is the first time that I have really been compelled to write you. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy your blog.  There have been several times that I have wanted to comment.  You got me on this one.

    I live in Alabama.  Bill Pryor must be stopped.
    I have to go and make a phone call.


  3. Yeah, I’m a Catholic and my folks forwarded me an e-mail from the same religious group encouraging me to do “my Catholic duty” to urge congress to nominate this most “devout and moral” man.
    I fired back to this organization that I can’t support an evil president’s decision for YET ANOTHER wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    I mean, if you really follow politics and the bible, Jesus himself said to give to God what is God’s and to the emperor what is the emperor’s.

    I have to convince my folks now that they will come up on the short end of the stick when dumbassbuyah cuts more benefits for the elderly.

    Yes, STOP HIM.

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