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I didn’t think anyone could come up with a new form of banner ad more annoying than pop-under ads, but I was, as usual, premature in my assumption. Today I came across my first mouse pointer banner ad. In case you’re not familiar with this latest marketing innovation allow me to describe it for you. Essentially you take a standard sized banner ad such as you might find at the top of a webpage and you come up with a little script that makes that banner ad float to the immediate right of a user’s mouse pointer so that no matter where he moves the pointer on the screen your cute little banner ad will chase it playfully like a lost puppy.

This is astoundingly annoying. Among other things, it forces you to keep your mouse pointer to the right hand side of the screen if you want an uninterrupted view of the webpage that you’re actually trying to look at. Fortunately, reloading the page seemed to get rid of it. Still, it’s something I hope enough people react poorly to that it’s a short lived gimmick. Grrrrrr….

4 thoughts on “Pointer attacking banner ads…

  1. That’s a damned good question. I have no freakin’ idea. Perhaps that’s the point. It’s just for those sites that want to annoy you, but don’t want you to actually visit them.

  2. Man, that’s almost as annoying as those flash ads that creep across the middle of the web page.
    There’s a little “close” button on them but it doesn’t work. You have to wait until it’s done dancing across the middle of your web page.
    Fortunately, I have a few preferences set for Mozilla that almost completely (probably 99.999%) eliminate banner ads and those huge CNET ads that cut articles (all I have to see is a little tiny “advertisement” text block that doesn’t obscure the story.

  3. Simple!  When I am annoyed by a gimmick on a site, I make two resolves:  1) I will try to avoid that site in the future—actively looking for one comparable—and, 2) I will never, ever, ever buy that product or service.  Thankfully PopUpCop snags a lot of them before I have to deal with them.

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