Playing around with a PDA.

Eric came over last weekend and dropped off one of the extra PDAs he has since his eBay addiction kicked in. He’s letting me try it out for a few weeks to see if it’ll actually be useful before I purchase it. It’s a pretty standard black and white Handspring Visor that runs PalmOS and so far I like it. One of the problems of having something like a PDA or a Dayplanner is having something to put into it. Even checking my calendar at work I notice that there isn’t a whole helluva lot in my life that I have to plan toward. Still, I’m sure I’ll think of more and more stuff to program into it as time goes on. One cool thing I did find for it was a free shopping list program that I downloaded and installed. Not that I have any clue as to why seeing as Anne does most of the shopping, but you never know when it may come in handy.

It has come in handy at least once so far, though, as I was at work and needed to contact my Mom yesterday and don’t have her home phone number memorized. Fortunately I had already programmed it into the PDA and one quick button press called it up. I might even hear what it sounds like in the next few days as one of the few appointments I do have is programmed in and set to remind me about an hour prior to the appointment. That’s the big advantage it has over a Dayplanner. With a Dayplanner you have to remember to look at it. With a PDA it beeps to remind you. Plus you can’t carry a Dayplanner in your shirt pocket. So that’s what I’ve been playing with lately and it’s all thanks to Eric becoming addicted to buying shit his doesn’t have a need for on eBay. Ain’t modern technology wonderful?

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