Of CSS and DOMs.

I spent part of my lunch hour today studying up on advanced web page layout techniques using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and boy does my head hurt. Using CSS for layout is the way things are “supposed to be done” if you want to consider yourself a good web designer. After going over all the different quirks among different browsers in how they render pages using CSS and all the different hacks designed to overcome those quirks I can honestly say that bad site design using ridiculous amounts of nested tables seems infinitely easier to understand. So quite naturally my first inclination is to say to hell with emerging standards and go back to doing things the wrong way with nested tables that I can understand. The advantages to using CSS are so many, though, that I have a hard time just giving up on it.

SEB’s current layout uses CSS as does the layout I did for Cindyisms and Jinxed Minx and all three suffer from the same bug where you can’t highlight text for copying properly. That makes quoting comments from someone really, really annoying. It’s clear I know enough about CSS to get something that semi-works, but not enough to come up with something that completely works and still looks like I want it to.

I think some of this stuff is starting to sink in and I may be able to come up with some new layouts that not only work right, but don’t look like total crap. That is, if I don’t go insane first.

2 thoughts on “Of CSS and DOMs.

  1. Let me know what you discover. My boyfriend’s been working on that as well and basically….he says you just get to the point where NOTHING makes sense anymore.

  2. It is tough. Especialy if you learned HTML using “old school” tables etc. I still use a table to get a 2 column layout, then do everything else with css. Possitioning so rarely works the way you want, but type control, colours, spacing are all really excellent. It feels so good when you can make a change site-wide just be tweaking one stylesheet.

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