Now for some video clips of stupid people.

Now for your amusement we here at SEB are proud to present (not really) some assorted video clips of stupid people trying very hard to remove themselves from the gene pool:

Watch these videos, study them, take the valuable lessons they provide to heart, and try not to repeat the stupidity you see therein. This has been a Public Service Announcement from the folks at SEB.

17 thoughts on “Now for some video clips of stupid people.

  1. I have to disagree. The Rollerblader HAS to be the most beat up individual after that idiotic stunt. It is bad enough he fell off the roof but then to land on the handrail…

  2. Yeah, the bike. Painful. The rollerblader on the roof, too. But it doesn’t look like he hit his head.
    I’ve seen the motorcycle one before and remember thinking, “California. Has got to be California.” smile

  3. All of them look painful however, they sould be given a nice warm round of clap for providing us with such big laughs.

  4. Damn that bike does look painfull but i think the rollerblade one was much more painfull.But thats my opinoin.but just think about it blading of a roof and falling on a railning.OUCH!!!!!!!

  5. I’d say the rollerblader wins, by a hair.  The biker faceplants, but he has that nice, soft, mass of sharp twigs to faceplant into.  Hmmm.  He may be blind now.

    But the blader drops ten feet and “flops” sideways across a handrail.  I wonder if he’s still alive.  If he landed on his chest I can visualize all those nice sharp rips just t e a r i n g through his lungs and heart.

    Aaaah yes.  I laughed so hard!  Nothing like seeing someone else suffer hoffibly (especially due to their own stupidity) to make me really appreciate my own fearful non-risk-taking tendencies. 

    (I’m not a coward, damn it, I suffer from an overly active consciousness of potential risk.  It’s NOT the same thing.)  :worry:

  6. you fucking suck this is the worst fucking website ever you dum ass cunt.  FUcking die and rot in fucking hell goddamn basterd. fuck your mamma.

  7. The motorcycle one could be anywhere – I’ve seen endos/stoppies on motorcycles here in Texas.  The more “extreme” bikers don’t wear any gear or helmets and do shit like wheelies into oncoming traffic. 

    Pooljumper will likely have a limp the rest of his life.

    Faceplant should’ve been on a bmx bike instead of a mountain bike.  Might’ve made it then…

    I dunno… rollerblader DID have a fall from roof to rails onto what looked liked his lower ribcage.  Looks like he got busted ribs or possibly internal organ damage.  Faceplant would win if he lost an eye, but I don’t think he had enough of a hit to break his neck(you have the most flex bending your head backwards like that). 

    But don’t get me wrong, faceplant would win the “Worst Looking Aftereffects” – probably looks like he tried to shave with a cheese grater.

  8. The bike one has to be the worst yet. I mean holy Fuck that had to hurt!!! The pool one was like he wanted to make it but he didnt. lol! No more sperm for him i guess. ha ha. For the motorcycle one, he was just showin’ off. And finally for the skateboard one… YOUR SO FUCKING DUMB!!! so in conclusion… FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKING FUCKS!!!!!! peace!

  9. I’m not so sure I want to see more of this. On the other hand, I’m really annoyed by the “idiots surviving moronic stunts and trying again” TV shows.

  10. i was hoping for stuff i coudl laugh at, liek the motorcycle one i laughed alil and the pool one, but that bike one he hit his face hard, and his chest hit with such force with it, it’s a wonder he didn’t break his back or neck if he didn’t…also the rollerblading one he kinda rolled off the side of the poll but i’m guessing he broke a leg or wrist and prolly some ribs….should get more videos man, but those were pretty wicked…

  11. i do the same type of rollerblading and i can tell that it looks really bad but im sure in the end he just got the wind knocked out of him, that cat has got some balls to try n’ land that shit though

  12. I would be very surprised if he got away with only the wind knocked out of him. He probably cracked a rib on that landing at the least.

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