New look for Momma’s Corner.

I didn’t get any entries in today because I spent my evening watching the latest James Bond flick on DVD and then spent the rest of my time designing a new layout for my mother’s blog called Momma’s Corner. Amazingly I managed to put together a design that looked pretty good and manages to avoid the text highlighting glitch all my other CSS based designs fell prey to. Go check it out and let me know what you think.

5 thoughts on “New look for Momma’s Corner.

  1. That is wonderful!  Not just the layout, but that it’s your mom over there, cursing and spitting piss and vinegar.  How did I miss that your mom was blogging?!?

    Is it…geez, I was just getting ready to ask if it was okay for me to blogroll your mom.  I bet if she saw me asking your permission she’d slap me in the head.

    I do love the new layout, though…it gives the impression of a sweet old lady – then you see her say things like, “What keeps you from not walking up and slapping the piss out of him sometimes?” and go, “Whoa – I don’t want to be messing with HER!”

  2. LOL!  She is a sweet lady, but she certainly could slap you into next week.  Tough old bat, but with a heart of gold.
    I love the design and it is so Ma!  Good job! Another masterpiece!

  3. Another masterpiece indeed.  Love it , couldn’t ask for more!! thank you my genius—OLd Evil One!!!

  4. I really like the layout… looks really professional.  And, even more, I like what your mother wrote.  She writes from the heart.  Very touching.

    I have a feeling you’re a very lucky son.

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