National Do Not Call List now accepting sign-ups.

It’s official. The National Do Not Call Registry is now up and running and accepting registrations. It costs nothing to put your phone numbers on the list, you can remove your number if you suddenly have the desire to receive unsolicited marketing calls (perhaps you have no friends and are lonely), the listing is valid for 5 years and if you sign up between now and August 31st it’ll go into effect on October 1st. If you sign up after August 31st it’ll take 3 months to go into effect.

Signing up is pretty easy. Type in up to 3 phone numbers at once, enter your email address and hit the submit button. The next screen asks you to verify that the information you’ve entered is correct and offers the chance to edit it if you spot a mistake. Then they send an email to the address you listed with a link in it that you click to verify your request to be added to the list. That’s all it takes.

1 thought on “National Do Not Call List now accepting sign-ups.

  1. I didn’t have the patience to wait for this to go live…we had our main phone disconnected and we all use cell phones instead.

    Besides, our cell plan is much better than even the basic telephone plan we could get in our area.

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