Naked man jumps in shark tank, shark dies of fright.

Man, how ugly do you have to be that the sight of your naked body is scary enough to kill a shark?

3 thoughts on “Naked man jumps in shark tank, shark dies of fright.

  1. Hmm…from what I’ve heard about smooth hound sharks, they also “play possum” when they are startled by something.  Could it be that he was thinking “If I play dead, maybe this candidate for the Darwin Awards will just go away!”  It boggles the mind!

  2. I don’t think somebody that is that ugly should be on the Internet. I know a boy who is 16 and he is so much cuter than you. I think that you should call him and see if he wants to be on the Internet for you. His number is (xxx)xxx-xxxx.

  3. I’ve edited out the phone number on the off-chance that it’s real. You shouldn’t be posting people’s phone numbers on websites unless they’re aware and don’t have a problem with it.

    That said, telling me I’m ugly only encourages me to put up more pics of myself. Anything I can do to annoy you sounds like fun to me.

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